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Glitch Inc. is a special effects company based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in Mechanical & Atmospheric Effects, Licensed Pyrotechnics, Fireworks and Prop design, and focus these specialties in Feature Films, Commercials, Television, Music Videos, and Live Events.
As a dedicated and quality driven company known for its creativity and ingenuity, our goal is to bring you the best quality Special Effects services at the most affordable prices that only a local company can offer.

Glitch inc. is an Ottawa based Special Effects company started by Ben Belanger in 2014.

Bringing in SPFX can be expensive which is why Glitch inc. was created.

Ottawa’s fast growing film community required a more affordable Special Effects solution as not everything filmed in Ottawa has the kind of budget required to bring in outside help.

The goal behind Glitch inc. is to be that affordable option.  Our staff have an assortment of talents and years of experience.
We offer an array of services which include, Pyrotechnics, Fire, Fireworks, Atmosphere, Mechanical and Prop Builds.
With each new project our arsenal of SPFX gear grows to better serve our clients.

We may be small now but we are dedicated and plan on growing with the same tenacity of Ottawa’s film scene.


Pyrotechnic Special Effects is another one of our creative specialties.

Our licensed technician’s have many years of industry experience in Pyrotechnic Effects and safety for low, medium, and high budget films.

We can create any pyrotechnic effect ranging from a small camp fire to a large building explosion…or anything specific the script may require!

We can do: Bullet Hits, Dust Hits, Building Explosions, Oil Explosions, Miniature Explosions.

Propane Cannons, Flame Effects, Fireballs, Spark Showers, Propane Effects, Walls of Fire, Camp Fires, Commercial grade Fireworks displays

Dry Body Squibs, Blood Body Squibs, Dust Squibs, Shot Gun squibs,

Atmosphere FX

Directors and cinematographers always have a vision or feel they want for their films.

With the amazing combination of lighting and cinematography, fog, wind, or rain may be that missing effect you’re looking for.

Weather FX or Atmosphere FX create the reality in a picture or video-space that may either be impossible or impractical to produce first hand.

Anything from smoke, mist, steam, fog, snow, wind, rain, cobwebs or blazing storms can all be used to enhance your film.


Miniatures or models have been used to create grand scale environments since the beginning of film, from dark city streets to towering skyscrapers, fleets of spaceships to massive sea vessels.

Filmmakers have been using this special effect technique to create key events such as the sinking of the battleship, the explosion of a home, or the inner-workings of a dark cavern.

No matter the size of your budget, that fantasized place you never thought could be a reality, can be created as a miniature and blown up to be that mystical environment that comes to life.


Props are difined by any object handled or used by an actor in a performance, although NOT all props are safe for use in fast action, fighting, or killing scenes.

At Glitch Inc. we can create any prop you may need such as rubber knives, or soft weapons for those types of scenes. Not only can they be rigged with blood FX, but can be used safely in contact with your actors.

Custom props are not “actor proof”, they can be damaged, broken or dangerous if used improperly. Always have an Effects Supervisor or stunt coordinator on set to ensure safety of all parties involved.

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