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Welcome to Glitch Inc

Glitch inc. is a unique Ottawa Special Effects company started by Ben Belanger in 2014. Although this company is new, each of its members are highly experienced in their fields of expertise. Working together on many of the same productions, we often turn to one another for inspiration, feeding off of each others talents and proficiencies in our fields, discovering our compatibilities, we realized the potential, and finally decided to bring our specialty skills together to create a top notch Special Effects team.

One of the major factors which prompted us to create this company was the cost of implementing practical effects in our local productions. This is especially true with the number of smaller films being shot here in Ottawa. Bringing in a Special Effects crew from another city can be very expensive – covering travel costs, hotels and per diem expenses alone can eat up a film’s Special FX budget.

Ottawa’s fast growing film community required a more affordable Special Effects solution and we aim to be that solution.
The goal behind Glitch inc. is to be an affordable option, while still being able to offer some of the best quality services in our industry.

Our staff have an assortment of talents and years of experience & proficiency in our skills, making us the kind of team you can count on to not only meet, but surpass your expectations.
We always aim to, and consistently succeed in achieving the “wow” factor in whatever production we get to work our magic on.

We offer an array of services which include: Pyrotechnics, Commercial Fireworks, Atmospheric Effects, Mechanical Effects, and Prop Builds.
With each new project our arsenal of SPFX gear grows to better serve our clients’ needs.
We may be small now but we are dedicated and plan on growing with the same tenacity of Ottawa’s film scene.